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Why Internet Wedding Channel

Ten reasons why to utilize the Internet Wedding Channel’s team of Internet and social media marketing experts?

  1. You get great results and fast!
  2. We do not try to WOW you with fancy tools, volumes of reports and analytics that you don’t have time to even look at or try to understand.
  3. We do not do traditional SEO, which can take three months or more for any results. We will advise if we see your site needs key words and meta tags.
  4. We do a tremendous amount of research. At least 30 hours per account on your business and demographics and your competitions business.
  5. We do what we know works and works well.
  6. You get a team of dedicate professionals that will enable your business growth to new levels.
  7. Advertising and marketing are very different today than it was years ago when all we had was newspapers, some magazines, and for companies with bigger budgets radio and television.
  8. Now your business can compete with any other business, and grab a large share of the market with professional help.
  9. With the right mix, many of our customers needed to add help and space, additional phone lines, update their websites to be mobile friendly and sometimes expand more rapidly than their original business plan.
  10. We guarantee results in writing and show you with our case studies.

Business 101 UMass: ‘If you are not spending 8% to 12% of your gross revenue on advertising and marketing you cannot grow.’ There is too much competition. That’s if your business is doing under 5 million annually.

‘Word of mouth’ worked great in the 40’s I’m told, but there is so much competition now that ‘WOM’ is simply not enough to grow your business. How many people right now are talking about your business? You and I that’s it!

However, there is a new kind of word of mouth and that’s called the Internet and Social media. We know how to find almost any demographic and reach your target audience online with offers that directly drives traffic and sales. It helped elect a President!

Because there is a major learning curve in this Internet marketing and advertising industry that is constantly changing.  It is so involved and time consuming, you simply cannot do it all yourself. Somebody has to run the business and handle customers.  But without customers or new business you cannot compete or expand.

Who wants to spend money hoping and praying it works? We are the only Internet marketing company that offers a guarantee in writing. Why because we get measureable results.

We are not here to convince you of anything. Look at our testimonials and the results.

And we make it FUN! Who enjoys spending money without having any fun? If fun to you is watching your bottom line grow steadily then contact us. Fun for us is having you stay with us for years so our bottom line grows too. We are in effect ‘Partners’ your success is our success. Cliché but true.

As you will see there is a huge emphasis on video. By 2020 (only a few short years away) everything will be video. Just look at all the teaser ads on all of the major sites . . .ALL video.

If you are serious about building your business through proven, advertising and marketing channels and techniques that get amazing results, then contact us today.

In one month you’ll see a difference, in six months you’ll see a huge difference. Many of our advertisers in one of our businesses have been with us for from 5 to 20+ years. Because we get results!

Join our family of savvy advertisers and marketers and watch your business grow.

Our (USP) or Unique Selling Proposition is ‘Common Sense Marketing with a Proprietary Twist’. Learn what works and implement it. Stay on top and ahead of all the latest in the Internet marketing and advertising world to be able to adapt when change comes. That’s the one constant in life. . .be prepared it’s coming!

Call us with any questions. Bob 860-558-4140 bob@InternetWeddingChannel.com

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