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DJ Paul Bio

Here are just some of his accomplishments:

  • Interned at major radio stations in Hartford CT
  • Started a mobile DJ business
  • Produced an album, ‘DJ Paulie Sings’
  • Started DJ Paulie Entertainment and performed in CT, MA, RI, ME, PA & FL
  • Had songs published in Nashville, TN
  • The only DJ that Al Jarvis Entertainment would book. Al said, “You are the future.”
  • His love for songwriting and producing was so strong that he took courses by mail for music theory and composition since that was the only way he could go to school while working the DJ Paulie Disc Jockey business
  • Major corporations began calling for DJ Paulie to DJ and MC their huge events not only in CT but other states as well. He performed in over a dozen states for companies such as McDonalds, Nabisco, Pratt & Whitney to name a few
  • He became the most popular, in demand DJ and MC on the east coast.
  • Always the entrepreneur, in 1985, DJ Paulie Entertainment brought Karaoke to Connecticut.
  • DJ Paulie was the Chief Broadcasting Instructor for both Radio and Television at Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Palm Beach, FL.
  • DJ’d a wedding for the Vice President for Warner Brothers on Block Island.
  • In 1996 a TV Show, ‘DJ Paulie’s World’  on Public TV in CT, MA, NY, & NJ CT.
  • Currently Holds the Attendance Record for his DJ Shows at the Webster Theater in which an overflow of approx. 5,000 fans were turned away.
  • Front Page Wall Street Journal: While DJing a club in Hartford, a Wall Street Journal reporter came and hung around with Paulie most of the night while he was DJing. In a day or so “The Cool Moose Café” was on the Front Page and they wrote about it’s unique and exciting entertainment they had featuring DJ Paulie.
  • March 25, 2000 Appeared as a Celebrity Judge (One of three) for Disney. . Winner of the Talent Show became the Opening Act for Britney Spears.
  • Broadcast a One Hour Show in June from the World Trade Center, NY just one month before the 911 tragedy.
  • MTV Called and interviewed him on his DJ Experiences
  • Owned and managed his own Advertising Agency and produced TV Commercials for American Airlines and the Pepsi Jingle.
  • Offered positions on major TV Networks like MTV, Travel Channel and more.
  • MTV wanted Paulie to be part of a New Reality Show. The character they wanted him to play was “The Reverend Of Rock”. Meanwhile he geared up for the part, had photo shoots in costume, and was developing the character, then he learned that they wanted the character to be “A Priest being Drunk”, he declined. Paulie is strictly a G rated kind of guy.
  • In 1995 The DJ Paulie Show was started on college radio. Later it evolved into the sensation it has become as heard daily on Youshook.com
  • Due to his innate ability to entertain and his expert and proprietary knowledge of Internet marketing, he has built this endeavor to 16,000,000 unique visitors on his site monthly, 185,000 very loyal twitter followers and the demographics are ages 19 to 39 years of age, and 83% are women.
  • DJ Paulie has been more than a DJ/Entertainer. The name DJ Paulie has been credited for writing, producing and or remixing over 5,000 individual songs. These include remixes for Countless National Recording Artists not just in America but also Canada, UK and Europe. Click here to see some amazing photos.
  • From day one DJ Paulie always believed in giving back to the community to help others. He has volunteered his time and talent helping hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the US, including; terminally ill children, the homeless, battered and abuse spouses just to name a few.
  • DJ Paulie’s secret to such a successful career? He loves what he does and it shows. All you have to do is ask his fans worldwide.
  • Currently recognized as the #1 Rated DJ Show on the Internet with an audience of approx. 16 Million faithful listeners every month

Here’s the short most recent list of accomplishments:

* Celebrity Endorsements Include: Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Lady GaGa, Lady Antebellum, Gwen Stefani, The Band Perry, Nelly, Luke Bryan, Comedian Vic Dibitetto (The Bread and Milk Guy) & many more.

* Received over 100 Gold and Platinum Record Awards for Producing and or Marketing/Promotion. These credits include The Grease Mega Mix, Theme from The TV Cops, *Bad Boys, Bad Boys) Jennifer Lawrence to mention a few.
Click her to see some of the actual Gold and Platinum Albums.

* Featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal as a “Marketing Expert” both on and off the Internet.

* Various TV Networks have been to the DJ Paulie Studios and have aired Interviewed segments including Fox News, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, TMZ and more.

* Recent Marketing Clients this year include: Foxwoods Casino, Marc Anthony, State Of CT., VIP Contacts For National Events, Various Record Labels.

* Wrote comedy for David Letterman and Jay Leno.

* Named the ‘Official 2016 Internet Marketing Expert’ for WFSB, Channel 3, Hartford, CT

* Wrote the music score and produced the ‘Official 911 Memorial Tribute Song’ sponsored by the United States Post Office.

* Studio Musician / Producer / Promoter

* Actor in various movies and TV commercials including spokesperson for the State Of CT, Saint Francis Hospital and more.

* Sold Out the Bushnell Performing Arts Center twice.

* Recently employed by Foxwoods Casino to promote their 22 week, Summer Nostalgia Bands engagement, on his DJ Paulie, youshook.com show, Summer of 2017. He is helping to drive major traffic on their normally underpopulated, beautiful Atrium Bar area, Thursday evenings.

* The amazing results from his proprietary Internet marketing efforts and advertising options, has brought two business so much traffic that their sites crashed. (see testimonials)

DJ Paulie’s depth and breadth of quality work and experience has now gone to a new level by partnering with another highly respected, advertising and marketing entrepreneur, publisher for 26 years of a high-quality wedding magazine, to address the critical Internet marketing needs of just about any business.