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About Us

Paul Lis (DJ Paulie)

Paul started earlier than most, and that passion that he still has is most likely the reason he has been so fortunate to work with some of the top recording artists in the world and help so many business and charities. You’ll want to read all of this.

From DJing special school events in the cafeteria and parking lot as DJ Paulie to Djing on Television, and for Presidents his fun loving style and humor has taken Paul to an amazing life.

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Bob Strano

A renaissance entrepreneur with degrees in Hotel Restaurant and Travel Administration, along with culinary school. Bob has done everything in the hospitality industry from being a chef and managing restaurants, to selling food and equipment to the industry. He has owned and operated several businesses; from retail, IT consulting, energy consulting (natural gas and electricity sales to commercial and industrial companies), business consulting, to owning a video store, a newspaper and a wedding magazine. Currently CEO and Publisher of The American Wedding Guide.

He has helped hundreds of businesses create millions in revenue. He has been a professional sales person, sales manager, sales trainer for regional and national fortune 100 and fortune 500 companies.

Bob has an old fashioned work ethic, and with a plethora of business experience, understands the matrix to establishing high quality client relations, and creating highly successful advertising and marketing campaigns which offer an exemplary customer experience. A solutions provider that knows how to get the job done and have satisfied clients eagerly willing to offer referrals.

An avid golfer for 30 years and American Red Cross volunteer for 15 years and counting. A Disaster Action Team Leader, and the Feeding Lead for Area 3 Central CT in case of a major disaster. Bob has managed shelters and helped people forced out of their homes due to fire, floods or other disasters like hurricanes, snow storms and Newtown.

His motto: ‘True Wealth and Happiness Comes From Helping Others’

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Meet Tamie – ‘Our Design Expert’

Inspired by my childhood memories in Jamaica and enhanced by my diverse heritage and fashion career, I have developed a multifaceted visual perception of colors, textures, scale, and decor.I love design, which led me to study wedding planning here in America and to visit Europe to master the art of floral design first hand. I hold a degree in Interior Design and multiple floral and wedding planning affiliations and I am also a certified Life and Relationship Coach.Tamie is our ‘Ask the Expert’ for our sister company the Internet Wedding Channel and helps the brides and their families with their weddings.

A former model and consummate entrepreneur, Tamie understands the demands and challenges of the business world and can emphasize with our clients.

Because of her extensive consulting background creating, magnificent, original weddings along with Tami’s design experience and her keen eye for detail we have asked her to assist with various design elements for our products and services to ensure a high level of quality in all of our work.

“I won’t tell you what you want to hear all the time. In fact, I’m probably going to ask you to detach from some planning and marketing tasks on your checklist. However, our products and services will result in a mutually beneficial, fun and profitable for both parties, long-term relationship.”